Experience the magic
of bali

For most of us, Bali is truly a world apart. So much to see and do – the sights and sounds, and the relaxed and easy going atmosphere all combine to create a place like no other. The local people are truly amazing: warm, friendly and always welcoming. So, go if you can, but it takes a bit of flying and you shouldn’t spend all your time shopping for furniture, accessories and curiosities once you get there. Fortunately, that’s what we do and we’re right here in Kailua! We like to think that we have captured just a little bit of the Bali magic and brought it home within the walls of Bali Boo. Come and see for yourself. Browse, and relax as you meander through our xxxxxx square feet of Balinese treasures. Immerse yourself. Experience Bali Boo.


Beautiful artful furniture.. Atmosphere was spectacular, if you had the time you could spend all day there. Deb was friendly and very knowledgeable.

Hand Crafted!

Bali Boo has beautiful hand crafted furniture and decorative items for your home. Everything is imported from Bal1 with regular shipments.


I was SO stoked to find BaliBoo on Oahu, especially Deborah's willingness to guide me via photo message step by step until I furnished our ENTIRE house!


Everything was not only as expected, but some were WAY beyond my expectations. Everything was perfect, and I'm so glad I chose Baliboo.